What I Saw in My Grandfather's Backyard

When I was in high school, I was lucky enough to go to Europe for a month. My grandfather loaned me his little black Olympus Stylus Zoom to take on the trip. I loved this little point and shoot and didn't really want to give it back to him when I returned. But I did. Years later, long after we'd all moved on to digital, he gave the Olympus to me again, but for keeps. So it is one of those sentimental cameras that I mentioned last time. I've shot a few rolls with it here and there. 

Usually in my personal work I approach the subject in a very detached way. It's almost anti-sentimental. But I was anything but detached here. And these photographs are very sentimental. So I'm uncomfortable sharing them. But I probably should. So, here.

Also this camera has developed a big light leak since I last used it, though the seals appear to be in good shape to me. So it goes. Legacy Pro 100 in R09 1+50 for 13.5 minutes. 

More from this roll later.