Apropos to nothing really, I've been toying with the idea of doing some botanicals. And I think I'm making baby steps toward the look I have in mind. This last round actually yielded a few frames that I like. Not there yet. But getting close. Have a look. Please. Tell me I'm pretty and smart. Or don't. Here are those images.

I learned that honeysuckle is complicated. [Ed. note: An incoherent rant about about honeysuckle anatomy and general uncooperativeness has been deleted.]

Below is a frame from an earlier test with some simpler weeds. At the time, I thought I'd achieved some simplicity there. Now it strikes me, well, differently.


Maybe I'll have some finished work in this vein to show some day. Or maybe it's a dead end. But it's something I'm doing. So it's something I'm sharing.

[Ed. note: There is no editor.]